Peri Ponchos Custom Ponchos

Eco Fleece


Our Eco-Fleece fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles! How do they do that? What a delightful re-use for a plastic water bottle! The Eco Fleece is mid-weight and just as soft and cozy as any of our other ponchos. We hope to expand our Eco-Line in the years to come.

Prints and Patterns

Print Fleece

Kids go crazy for our colorful print ponchos, they are an all-time favorite. Whether your little one wants to be a leopard, or simply enjoys prancing around in colorful polka dots, these ponchos will delight kids and adults alike. Made from cozy mid-weight 100% polyester fleece, the print ponchos are both whimsical and practical.



Here in Oregon we have three seasons of poncho wearing weather. The poncho is the perfect thing on a crisp fall morning, a cool spring evening, or layered with a coat on a winter afternoon. Our Winterfleece ponchos are our thickest poncho, made from 400 gram 100% polyester fleece. They are heavyweight, cozy and durable.